United Group Of India

Ship Supplier at All Indian Ports.

Member of "ISSA" & "IMPA".

Our Services

Main Three Services Of United Group Of India are given below.

In Ship Repairing and Maintenance Steel Repair, Maintenance of Boiler, Overhauling of Main / Auxiliary Enginers for MAN, Servicing And Renewal of Exhaust / Inlet Valve, Crane Repairs, Overhauling of Pumps, Renewal of Anchor And Anchor Chain at Berth & Ancourage, Electric Motor Rewinding, Underwater Hull etc Services are included.
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We Supplies the full range of IMPA/ISSA Catalogues.Provision, Bonded Stores, Hatch Sealing Tape, Foam, Tarpulins, Ship Spares, Ship Stores, Wire Ropes / P.P Mooring Ropes With Class Certification, Chemical Paint, Lubricants, Gases, Lubricant Pipes, Hot Dip Gratings etc.
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Shipspares Clearing From Air Cargo & Deliver to Vessel Sailing in International Water (For Foreign Going Vessels). Shipspares Clearing From Seacargo (In Containers) & Delivered to Vessel Sailing in International Water (For Foreign Going Vessels).Shipspares Clearing From Foreign Vessels & Exporting to International Countries (For Off Hire Vessels).
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